Art and Design

Welcome to Art and Design

It is our intent that our students leave Stoke High School as well-rounded individuals whom are proud of their creative intentions.
Teaching is centred on trust and a collaboration between pupil and teacher. This ethos of fostering and maintaining strong professional relationships is rooted in mutual respect.
The scheme of work is centred on students mastering basic skills very early on in the curriculum and then providing tailored opportunities for students to apply these skills. Our scheme of work promotes a progression of skills, and students can continuously build and develop on prior learning in order to become enthusiastic independent learners. As a result of this progression, In Year 11, students have the skills and tools to have complete creative control on the direction of their outcomes.
We aim to encourage our students to be constructive critics themselves by analysing not only others, but themselves.
We expose our students to a diverse range of approaches and experiences and encourage our students to be confident in their individual responses. We want our students to develop a thirst for answers by encouraging them to ask questions and seek knowledge independently. Lessons like this coach our students about the importance of listening to others, appreciating other ideas and in turn reflect on themselves as Artists. We want our students to appreciate passion and foster an ethos that anything is possible, just try your best and be confident in your abilities.

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