The Curriculum

The Music curriculum is designed to equip students with skills and techniques that are used in musical performance and composition, whilst also giving a foundation of knowledge and music theory.  Alongside this, the music curriculum supports students in developing their cultural capital and their understanding of the need for working in collaboration with others, developing their musical ability and improving self-esteem and confidence. Whilst studying music students are encouraged to listen to different styles and genres, identifying the key features within them and exploring further through practical work. They often work in groups to develop their understanding of musical techniques, compositional devices and knowledge around the core elements of music.

Those students that continue to study music at KS4 will gain knowledge and insight into the music industry including job roles in key areas of the entertainment industry. Students focus on the three main strands of music; performance, composition and listening. Students work towards a BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice.

Extra-curricular music plays a key role in developing learners into well rounded, resilient musicians. Opportunities to perform in concerts and events is regular and participation is widely celebrated.

The music curriculum upholds Stoke High Schools values of Respect, Inspire, Achieve.

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