Vision & Values


To ensure that all young people, regardless of their background, achieve their best in a safe, secure, caring yet challenging learning environment where all of our students are inspired to respect others.  To develop their talents and to raise their aspirations to leave school with the academic, social and practical skills to lead a successful, happy and responsible life.

Our key words are: Respect, Inspire, Achieve


A common set of values underpins our vision. A commitment to:

  • Excellence: outstanding teaching and learning underpinned by high quality professional development.
  • Inclusion: educational opportunities that tackle low expectations, demand the best of all students, regardless of their background or ability, and reflect community interests and needs.
  • Breadth: enrichment activities which enhance academic achievement as well as young people’s personal qualities, practical skills, creativity and well-being.
  • Enjoyment: developing a life-long passion and curiosity about learning.
  • Partnership: working with parents, the local community, schools and business to enrich learning opportunities and build commitment and support for education.

Our aims

To be involved with a mutually supportive network of academies that work together and with the community to:

  • Offer outstanding leadership and teaching and learning opportunities
  • Support young people to fulfil their academic potential, regardless of their background
  • Offer a broad, balanced and rich curriculum
  • Develop new approaches to teaching and learning that reflect local circumstances and need
  • Kindle and nurture a passion and curiosity for learning
  • Support the development of rounded, caring and socially responsible young people
  • Foster young people’s physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Encourage community and family engagement to enhance students’ learning outcomes

Our student pledge

We are committed to supporting our students so that they leave our academy with the following attributes:

  • Strong literacy and numeracy skills
  • The appropriate qualifications for their chosen university courses or career
  • Ambitions and aspirations for the future
  • The practical/life skills to deal with the demands of independent living
  • The capacity to build strong, caring and effective relationships
  • A social conscience and commitment to making a positive contribution to society
  • The confidence to be creative and independent-minded
  • Health and happiness
  • Strong communication skills including the ability to lead, listen, negotiate and work as part of a team
  • A curiosity and passion for learning
  • The resilience, discipline and adaptability to overcome setbacks

Our staff pledge

We value all our employees and are committed to:

  • Recognising and nurturing their talents and aspirations
  • Supporting them to achieve their very best
  • Offering rigorous, honest and constructive feedback
  • Offering first class continuing professional development
  • Providing high quality services, advice, information and resources
  • Keeping them up to date with educational policy and practice
  • Ensuring that they are treated fairly
  • Observing national terms and conditions
  • Rewarding effective performance and hard work
  • Creating opportunities for professional exchange and collaboration
  • Encouraging them to innovate