The Curriculum

Our Engineering curriculum is one that is very popular, exciting and laced with opportunities for our learners to develop a broad range of skills. Our aim is for all students to feel encouraged and confident in building their knowledge in use of hand tools, machines and asserting themselves to work successfully in a workshop environment. The approach that we have taken with our curriculum, is to build core knowledge the students require throughout Key Stage 3, in relation to health and safety of the equipment we use, to then build of this with additional challenge and real life application in Key Stage 4. In addition to this, our Key Stage 4 students are taught the skills required to read design briefs, respond to consumers and to design original ideas for production. We believe that this aspirational approach inspires our engineering students to explore original ideas, to paper and then to prototype, encouraging them to become independent learners and explorers of their own ideas, however big or small these may be, teaching our learners that anything is possible, it simply starts with an idea!

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