The curriculum

Our photography curriculum has high expectations of all students regardless of ability and prior knowledge. Our aim is for all students to feel emboldened and confident in building their knowledge in use of a DSLR camera, taking images of a professional standard and editing their outcomes. Our curriculum is exciting and ambitious, adopting a knowledge-rich and practical approach to explore photographers work, explore equipment such as flashes, studio lighting, LED light bars and kaleidoscope lenses, and to learn proficiency on editing software. All of which encourage our learners to become independent learners, thinkers and explorers of creativity. Our photography curriculum aims to challenge students by introducing them to concepts, techniques and tools that will inspire them beyond their life at secondary school and empower their desires for their future. We believe that this aspirational approach inspires our photography students to develop their skills and love of the subject both in and out of school. It develops students into creative and skilled consumers of the world providing opportunity, in whatever they pursue, for their next step in life.

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