The Curriculum

Business is a subject that empowers our learners to have big aspirations, develop their literacy skills and applies them with skills that they can apply to a variety of other subjects. Our buisness curriculum has high expectations of all students regardless of their knowledge of the subject when joining us for study in KS4. Our curriculum is challenging yet exciting, with great links to many large companies who students can relate too, and may already have prior knowledge of. Our photography curriculum aims to challenge students by introducing them to concepts, case studies, business plans and models that not only exist in our current climate, but we teach our students how to look at this information in more depth and develop a good understanding of what these ideas really mean and look like in practise. We believe that our Business curriculum enriches our learners’ skills in literacy, their knowledge of vocabulary and how to write with fluency and confidence, which can be applied to many other subjects that we offer at Stoke High School, greatly benefiting them throughout their key stage 4 experience and higher education.