The Curriculum

The geography curriculum at Stoke High School inspires students to be curious and fascinated about the world around them.  Geography equips students with knowledge of globally significant places to provide a context to understand actions, processes and explain change over time.  Students explore the concepts of space, place, and the environment to develop skills in identifying questions, to create investigations, organise information, suggest explanations and assist decision-making to make sense of the globalised world that we live in.    

Geography enables students to master a complex vocabulary and acquire geographical thinking skills to allow all students to understand how to analyse and interpret data to deepen their understanding of physical and human processes.  At Key Stage 4, students can take GCSE Geography to maintain their progress to achieve their full potential and continue the process of ‘thinking like a geographer’.  Students will become informed and reflective citizens by considering a range of viewpoints, values, and attitudes to solve problems to become enquiring citizens who can communicate and justify decisions made about both local and global geographical issues. 

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